Our Solutions

Container City is committed to offer storage solutions and services designed to customers' satisfaction so as to move forward hand-in-hand achieving goals and milestones. Our system runs by a structured process flow for tracking metrics and each sub-operation.

Private Storage


Sit back and relax well-assured that your belongings are within your reach and out of your way. As your warehouse partner, we look forward to create efficient and constructive solutions to all your storage problems. Armed with two layers of protection, your goods are well secured inside our containers, carefully monitored in our yard.

Our private storage has robust containers with intensive cleaning and security along with 24 hours on-site management. Our team of result - driven professionals have vast experience in putting forward the most legitimate warehouse services for our clients.

Climate controlled storage units are the main attributes of our storage solution. Items that are delicate and sensitive to humidity and weather can be deposited in these units. This feature conveniently helps to store metal, plastic, clothes, wood and other priceless items since they tend to warp if not attended professionally.

We also provide the space to store your vehicles in an enclosed area with dump stations, electrical outlets and administered gate access. Our facility is spacious enough to accommodate any types of vehicle like a car, RV or a boat.

Self Storage

Viable Storage Solutions

We provide private self-storage with a total area of 12,098.46 Sqm. This facility could be availed by those who seek to solve their limited storage problems at home or other private properties.

On account of globalization and the flourishing business of perishable items across continents, we offer reefer containers to meet your needs. We have reefer experts to assist you with your demands.

We offer an effortless fix for storing your camping gears and equipment that usually take up a lot of space in homes, in line with the well-organized and customer centric storing area. We use advanced level labeling techniques for your packages. The unit can be custom tailored to fit the specific needs of our customers.

The safety of your valuables be it antiques or personal vehicles is of paramount importance to us.

Container Depot

Shipping Fraternity

Unified, well-designed and operated area for sustaining, handling and maintaining empty or loaded containers. We are situated in the middle part of Qatar, Bujood, Al Majd road, close to the terminals and industrial area, which is also a convenient and accessible location for all our partners.

We provide a revolutionized area with dedicated facilities for container depot operations. Advanced materials and technologies used for consolidation of cargo, administration and documentation purposes. We have a well-trained team for assisting you with the custom clearance and approval process. In addition to that, we offer a cost efficient and well-connected haulage facility for those who prefer movement of goods by road.

Our yard is periodically inspected by our quality assurance team who aim and work together for the smooth administration and co-ordination of the unit without compromising the standards imposed by the government. We aim to better and compete with ourselves to maintain the impeccable condition of our yard.

Value Added Services

With growing consumer demands and market complexities, it is imperative to achieve and coordinate efficient operations now more than ever. We offer a full suite of value added services and have also appended relevant amenities to our depository for our partners.

The backbone and core strength of our establishment is our network of sophisticated, strategically located cold storage facilities. For more than a century, we have developed the infrastructure, built the team and proven the expertise to protect the integrity of your products that require to be temperature-controlled.
  • Dedicated and shared operations
  • Ambient and temperature-controlled facilities
  • Storage, pick, pack and dispatch
  • Delivery and returns management

Our inland container depot also provides many value-added services to our clients in many business verticals. It includes:


As a facility, we ensure trusted, independent and regular examinations to identify products and spots that may contain anomalies and are non-compliant components. Independent examinations favor clients to protect their cargo throughout the storing period. The comprehensive scale of state-of-the-art examination lessens risk, assures quality and meets both customer standards and industry and government regulations.

Repair & Maintenance

We have an eminently trained repair and maintenance team. The most reliable service personnel who relentlessly function 24/7 with matchless resources and offer minimized downtime so that our client could encapsulate maximum value. We conduct routine sustainable activities on all containers keeping up with international standards and also perform fumigation and heat treatment to maintain the durability of the container.


We have determined mobility needs and services in Qatar. Our service integrates a multimodal conveyance option into a unique interface to provide seamless and sound transportation. Ours is a custom integrated transportation facility from your location to Container City. Based on your needs, we arrange transportation as and whenever convenient to pick up your items from your doorstep.

Loading & Unloading

Loading and unloading materials is of prominent significance. We offer well-designed, organized and reliable services which diminish the chances of breakage and scratches during the loading and unloading process. Our engineers have specially designed craters which are thoroughly inspected throughout to provide ultimate safety covers for all types of cargo. We also offer you hassle-free and custom centric packaging which will fit your specific needs.

24 Hours Live Security

The proactive security system inside our yard assures tranquility and assurance that your products are safeguarded day and night. The live monitoring and surveillance services help us to observe and assess suspicious activity in real time. We have well trained specialists who are ready to respond in case of emergency. Our team records and documents activities 24/7 and provides customized security to the goods which helps the client to save both time and money.

Trailer Parking

We have an all-time solution for the parking problems of our fleet customers. Our fully functional and guarded yard provides round-the-clock trailer parking and drop yard services. Our location is well suited to accommodate trailers - drop offs, overnight or monthly parking for fleets of all sizes. When clients are on off-peak we provide an advanced parking facility so that they do not have to take trailers to their home base.

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